Sejuk Hati Management

Sejuk Hati Foundation is purely managed by it’s founder and Chairperson Made Wijaya and other Indonesian members of the foundation. They assist those within the foundation and also the community at large by donating funds to start up small businesses and helping in communal activities in the surrounding areas of the foundation.

Please see below names and roles of the Management Team in Senang Hati Foundation, all are members.

  • I Wayan Widantra (Pembina dan Pendiri) Founder/Supervisor
  • Verncork Laurence ( Pembina) Supervisor
  • I Gst Komang Darmadi ( Pengawas) Inspectorship
  • Ni Putu Suriati (chairman dan Pendiri) Chairperson
  • Sang Ayu Made Sriani (treasurer)
  • I Nyoman Rudiawan ( Secretary)
  • Dewa Ayu Sasih ( Ketua Panti) Chairperson Panti
  • Sang Ayu Sardiwati (Treasure of Panti)
  • Sang Ayu Nyoman Puspa ( Secretary of Panti)
  • Desak Raka (Head Of Dormitory)
  • I Nyoman Budiarta ( Head of Health Program)
  • I Ketut Reni (Head of Education Program)
  • Ida Ayu Ketut Kenari ( Head of Economy Program)

Sejuk Hati Members

Many of our member’s lives have changed radically since joining Sejuk Hati. Obtaining a wheelchair has enabled many to end their desperate isolation and leave their homes for the first time to form new supportive friendships.

Some of us are becoming skilled with computers, learning English and crafts. Some have actually gained employment in the private sector. Others have begun to sell their artwork or handicrafts plus a few have travelled afield to Java and even overseas to participate in further training or events.

Some members have also excelled in the sporting arena and have won numerous medals plus members have also cups for traditional Balinese singing.