The Sejuk Hati Foundation, also known as Yayasan Sejuk Hati, is a non-profit organization in Bali that assists people living with disabilities.The foundation creates programs to develop self confidence, physical and economic independence, and increase awareness in the general community of the rights of people with disabilities.Sejuk Hati accomplishes this through the assistance of volunteers, who provide skills training and social interaction. The society also provides wheelchairs and housing for disabled children.
Our Mission The Sejak Hati Foundation endeavors to:

  • Meet with disabled individuals and lift them out of their social isolation
  • Provide technical assistance to achieve physical independence
  • Build confidence in those with disabilities by providing them with a normal social life
  • Build self-confidence through assertiveness training
  • Teach skills that will enable members to become self-supporting (in particular, skills such as painting, sewing, and woodwork)

Our Aim – From Isolation to Integration

A primary function of the center is to seek out disabled people in Bali and provide friendship and assistance, in order to help them to move out of isolation from the wider community and into integration with society.

Monkey Forest Road 99x
Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571

With Sejuk Hati – We Show The World, That WE CAN